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Different reasons for using a buyer's agent

Most people who use my services for their Uzège property search do so because they:

Want to save time during their search. It can take up to three months, and numerous visits, to properly research and view properties during a typical property search, and that is after you have decided on the ideal village of area. I can save you this time. During registration we will assess in detail the type of property and all relevant requirements to give me the best opportunity of finding the ideal property.

Want to get the best price. I have been involved with Uzège property long enough to have a good insight into all aspects of local property sales negotiation. I work solely for you, with me you are giving yourself the best chance of negotiating the best price and terms possible.

Don't know the different areas. Uzège and Pont du Gard is made up 40 villages where you buy will make a difference to price, quality of life, and chances of letting and ultimately increase in capital value of the property you buy.

Have never bought in Uzès (or in France) before. The French system of buying a property is steeped in history, etiquette and "doing things at the right time". With my experience you can rest assured that you will know exactly when things have to be done in order to secure your ideal property.


Want anonymity. It may be that, for your own reasons, you want to buy a property in Uzès without other people knowing. All dealings with you are in the strictest confidence. Again, our loyalty lies with you, our client, and not with any other third party.

What is the added value of a property finder over a listing agent?

With dozens of listing agents in Uzège, buyers don't need help accessing properties. But whittling the numbers down takes time. A property finder might go and see 10 houses then tell the buyer that 8 are rubbish, and only two are worth viewing.

The reason you should choose a property finder over a listing agent is that you need real hard advice to help you conduct your property purchase  and you should never forget that listing agents dont work for you, they work for the seller.


Striking up a rapport with listing agents is an essential part of the property finder's job. Often he might hear of properties before they hit the market, or uncover snippets about the seller's situation. For example, he could find out that a vendor has taken out a bridging loan and is therefore keen to sell quickly, which is a good bargaining tool.


A property finder will also offer access to the world of properties marketed only informally. A good property finder wont leave it at that: he will even approach homeowners directly, encouraging them to sell.


A property finder will also continue to earn his fee once he has found a property, by doing the due diligence that will allow the buyer to know all the facts before putting in an offer. He will list how much comparable properties have fetched and look more broadly at the area, researching information such as flooding risks, changes to local planning legislation and future developments. This will help you to be sure you want to buy  and to decide how much to bid.


A good property finder will also haggle over the price for you. - he can generate savings for his clients. He will be thinking more with his head, whereas the client will follow his heart. Most clients will recoup their finder's fee and more.


A true property finder is fee-based, works only on your behalf and has total liberty to search out property from any source. The real benefit of using this type of property finder is that they take a totally independent view of all the properties available: as you are paying them, they are in your corner as your personal consultant. This is the type of property-finding service I provide.

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