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Success fee

I usually charge a flat success fee equivalent to up to 3.5% of your overall budget. This rate might vary depending on the complexity of the search (down to 2% for very simple searches). The amount of the fee is negotiated before we sign the contract.


Example: if your budget is set at an initial 600,000€ maximum (excluding stamp duty, called "frais de notaire") and we agree on a flat fee of 21,600€ (3% + VAT). Whether I find a property at 550,000€ or 820,000€, your fee is fixed. Whether I find a house FSBO or via a listing agent, again, your fee is fixed. 

Typically, my fee will easily be offset by the savvings I help generate during the negotiation process. Meaning that all my other services are (in essence) free of charge.


I can also assist you in other matters relevant to your buying process - but not not strictly linked to the search process (as defined by French law).


For example, I can help in the definition of your need, organise a discovery tour, or assist you if you have found a house yourself but you need hep in completing the purchase.

Please call to discuss.

Search contract

So that I can do the best job for you and give you the best unbiased advice, I will ask you to sign a short-term semi-exclusive representation agreement (« mandat de recherche »), by which you agree to work exclusively with me during your search in Uzège (a minimum of three months), while retaining the flexibility to buy directly (if you find something suitable on your own and you don't need my assistance to close the deal). It is like when you choose a lawyer or a physician: 100% trust both ways. This is team process. Download a contract template here.


"Can I sign such an exclusive agreement with you after I have already seen houses in Uzège, shown by other agents?"


Absolutely. By law, you are the sole decision maker as to which agent you wish to work with (and pay a fee or commission to). If necessary, I will advise on your behalf any other agents you may have been in contact with.


"What is my risk as a buyer in signing an 'exclusive' agreement with you?"


None, because you can cancel it easily - at no cost to you.

The process

Initial interview: we will organise a conference call during which I will answer all of your questions about the search process, the Uzège area and my services, and you will tell everything about your hopes, ambitions, and search criteria.

Proposal: I will prepare a note summarising my understanding of your needs, and my proposal to assist you. Find an example here.

Mini-scan: I will also prepare a quick scan of market with a “very early” selection” of properties which might fit your brief, and some notes. Please be aware that this can only a sample – and that those properties may actually not fit your brief (after further inspection), or may not be available when you make your decision to come and visit. Find an example here.

Initial screening: I conducted an initial market screening for you. The total number of properties could be up to 15 -or more depending on the time available and on the offer meeting your brief. Please send me any link or PDF to properties that have already picked your interest. 

Previsits and first visit preparation: I will explore the opportunities that we will together select, get in touch with either the owners or the sellers’ agents. Subsequently, I will previsit the selected properties – not all explored opportunities will fit the bill. And then I will organize visits.

Viewing trip(s): I will organise the viewing trips based on the preparation discussed above. For each viewing trip, i will put together a visit document with all relevant informaion about the selected properties. Find an example here.

Choice and negotiation: I will help you in your selection process, down a shortlist and the choice of a preferred property. We will then discuss the price points, and I will assist and manage on your behalf the negotiation process.

Legals: I will help and assist you during the subsequent contract drafting process – in liaison with the notaire the way until the final purchase signing (“acte authentique”).

After sales: I will assist you after the sale – including all assistance to help you “take full ownership” of your property (utilities, local authorities, etc.) and work coordination (when appropriate) for any refurbishment project, for a period of up to 6 months after the purchase itself.

The whole process can take from anywhere from 3 to 12 months - usually 5/6 months.



I am happy to provide a list of past clients with their contact details - upon request.



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