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About me

I have been working on behalf of property buyers in the Uzège area since 2010, and I got my real estate licence in 2011. My customers are mainly foreigners from all over the world. I am a specialist of the Uzège area: from Avignon to the Cévennes, and Nîmes. 

Call me on +33 (0)6 8434 8992

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November 20, 2017


Notaires have a duty to inform. So you can call on them for a free consultation. Don't hesitate!

  • Notaire in Uzès: Christophe Sevcik call  04 6622 1660

  • Notaire in St-Quentin-La-Poterie: Francine Ozil call 04 6622 6949

  • Franco-British notaire (in Mout...

November 19, 2017

Rentals and property management

•  Uzès Vacation Rentals, Dominique and Christophe Cachat, 06 1821 0177

•  Irene Spencer, House keeper, 06 760 6322

•  Aubaine, Alison and Nick Howells, 04 6622 3389

•  Gill Meredith Property Management, 06 7997.6837

•  Les Fées d’Uzès: Véron...

November 18, 2017

Every Saturdays and Wednesdays in Uzès one can enjoy the smell of Provence at the farmers market where local producers offer stands of various products such as olive oil, local wines, goat cheeses, fresh organic poultries, sausages and meats from the Cévennes, herbs fr...

November 18, 2017

Often called “little (or French) Tuscany” for its vineyards separated by dark cypresses, village squares, country mansions, culture, and its Renaissance buildings, the Uzège (350 sq. miles or 900 km² around Uzès, just West of the Avignon and the Rhône, and North of Nîm...

November 18, 2017

Mortgage specialist

•  BNP Paribas International Buyers, Audrey Fauvette, 06 6401 9905

Money transfers & forex

•  IFX, Archie & Linda Robertson, 06 3444 2236

Don't forget: if you are calling from outside of France, replace the "0" with "0033"

November 17, 2017

Centuries old and completely restored, Uzès (pop. 9,000 - up to 20,000 during the summer) has retained an architectural heritage that spreads over a landscape dotted with villages and planted with fruit trees, vines and truffle oaks. It is a jewel of a town with one of...

November 17, 2017

In Uzège

•  Uzès Property Finder, Pierre Guillery, 06 8434 8992

In the South of France

•  If you want to open up your horizons to other parts of the south of France: The French Property Finders, Sophia Mose – with partner agents across France, 06 5236 0664

Don't forget: if...

November 16, 2017

Most books on Provence include Uzès, at the Western edge of the first ‘province’ of the Roman Empire outside Italy, in an area where many remains of the Empire can be found (including amphitheaters at Nîmes, the Roman aqueduct known as the Pont du Gard, and numerous ro...

November 16, 2017

Your entry point

•  Office du tourisme, Place Albert-1er, 04 6622 6888


•  The barefoot blogger, deborahbfblogger.com

•  Discover Uzès, Uzès, 06 8434 8992

Don't forget: if you are calling from outside of France, replace the "0" with "0033"

November 15, 2017

The Uzège (also called “Gard Provençal”) boasts a Mediterranean climate, with typical south European vegetation with olive trees, vineyards, palm trees, garrigue scrublands, fig trees, apricot and cherry trees. It gets 250 to 300 days of sun a year, and temperatures re...

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Contract to search for aa house in Uzès, Provence
Real state consultant assessing the value of a ouse in Provence
Swimmig pool surrounded bu stone walls in Provence


To make the best decision, get real hard advice and local knowledge.

I advise buyers of property (small and large) in Uzès and in the south of France. My job is to listen to my clients and interpret their individual needs, to take it personally, and to deliver a service that both surprises and delights. Whether you are looking for a vacation home, a rental investment or even a business purchase – I can help.

Stress-free home search in Uzège: instead of skimming through dozens of ads, you can hire someone to look at prospective houses for you. That's because unlike listing agents, a property finder works on behalf of buyers - like you

To find out more, call me on

+33 (0)6 8434 8992

Are you thinking of buying a place in Uzège?

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I have written a guide about the buying process, which is available on Amazon

But if you are thinking of buying a house in France, get in touch with me, we can talk, and I will send you a (free) PDF version as part of the consultation. 

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