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Which type of renovation?

Full blow renovation projects are still possible to find around Uzès, but you should be careful about which project you choose if you want to make a profit. The usual advice applies – choose your location carefully if you hope to sell it on, be realistic about your budget, and don’t expect large capital growth at the moment.

Renovating houses to supply the rental market may be a good option in Uzès, as thanks to the area’s excellent tourism credentials, there is a strong short-term holiday rental market – which would definitely go some way towards paying for second mortgages should you choose to rent your property out.

Avoid DIY projects

DIY renovation is not for the faint hearted or anyone with a day job (unless you’re in the construction industry, of course). Be realistic about what you’re prepared to put up with in terms of discomfort - and financial strain - while the work is being done. Do you really want to live on a building site for a year or two?

Find qualified help

Paying someone else to do the dirty work is an easier albeit more expensive option, but remember to “count your pennies” carefully to avoid going over budget. Err on the side of caution. When choosing builders, plumbers or electricians, personal recommendation goes a long way; use bona fide French workers to ensure up-to-date knowledge of, and strict adherence to, French regulations. An ability to speak fluent French is helpful, and appointing someone to manage the project in your absence is wise. Look before you leap. Get a reputable builder’s opinion before you buy, and ask for all estimates and plans in writing before work starts.

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