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What do you require, how much can you spend?

Make a list of your criteria

The list could relate to criteria such as: minimizing travel time to the property, minimum price, preferred location, minimum number of bedrooms, structural condition, services connected, etc. Following a list of criteria is a good way of remaining objective about your purchase. You could use an evaluation matrix to compare properties.

Pay particular attention when making your list to what sort of location you require: a detached house surrounded by beautiful Uzège countryside (with a garden and a pool) may be your ideal, but don’t forget that you will have to use your car to get everywhere. Living in Uzès or St-Quentin-La-Poterie will mean you can walk to get your newspaper and fresh croissants every morning, and walk to the bar or restaurant and have a drink. However, remember you may have to put up with traffic and other noise.

Set your budget

Your budget is obviously the most determining criteria. Because of course a village house with a courtyard doesn’t cost the same as a mas in the countryside with an acre of land and a large swimming pool. By checking online, you will get a rough idea of whether or not what you are looking for is indeed within your reach.

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