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Hiring a buyer's agent

What's the cost?

Property finders charge a consultancy fee to their customers, often negotiated in advance as a flat fee. The fee can be up to 3.5% of the total budget – depending on the complexity of the search. Some customers are more comfortable with a percentage fee of the price of property. Under all scenario, the property finder’s fee should easily be offset by the savings he will be able to generate on behalf of his customers.

Interviewing a property finder

When hiring a search agent the following points might be useful to consider: • Check whether they are based in France and speak fluent French; • Check that are in possession of (or work under) a carte professionnelle; • Ask for English-speaking references; • Make sure the agent visits properties on your behalf, and will send you detailed reports with photos and analysis; • Ask if they can help you obtain financing, recommend reliable lawyers, financial experts or structural surveyors; • Ask how long after the purchase they will be available to assist you.

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