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Start the exploration process

Organise your virtual exploration

The Web will enable you to begin to get a general feel for what sort of prices you should be paying relative to size, location, and condition of the property, as well as learning more about how the house buying process works in France.

Invest time to come & visit

Use holiday breaks to explore our region and find out which village or area suits you the most. Although Uzège is not huge, the scenery varies from village to village; so try & experience some of it first hand to get a feel for where you would like to buy. Also, view prospective properties in the winter: this will give you an idea of what the property and the district are like out of season.

Rent before you buy

If you have the flexibility and the time, you could also decide to rent a property before you buy – in order to get a true feeling about what it means to leave in your chosen area. Thanks to Airbnb this can be arranged with a few clicks.

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