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The expertise of an experienced buyer's agent

« As an experienced property finder, I know the type of questions you ask (about the area, about local properties, about the buying process). I also know that you may have a hard time understanding the French real estate system, or that you may be tired of scrolling through dozens of articles about French real estate. My objective is to be there for my clients, from start to finish - and making sure nothing gets lost in translation. »

I have been involved in real estate since 2006 and working on behalf of property buyers in the Uzège area since 2010. I got my real estate licence in 2011. My customers are mainly foreigners from all over the world. I am a specialist of the Uzège area: from Avignon to the Cévennes, and Nîmes. However, depending on what you are looking for, I can assist you anywhere in the South of France.


I have a French/American education (life sciences baccalauréat, insurance MBA 1988), and I have worked as a private banker, trader, telecom consultant – in London, Manchester, Dublin, Paris. I live in the countryside, minutes from Uzès. More about me on LinkedIn or viadeo. Call me on +33 (0)6 8434 8992

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