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How can I rent when I am not around?

Obviously, you will need to hire dedicated professionals to organize the rental logistics on your behalf. Those professionals are increasingly available in Uzège (and in the south of France in general). Very often they are foreigners would have settled down in France and therefore know your language (they all speak English), and have put together a team of all the people required to maintain your house too. [See the Resources section]

The cost of those professionals can go up to 25% of the rental revenues. You could also consider signing a year-long contract – so your “house sitters” would look after both your house and your guests (paying or not).

Please note that unless you intend to rent your house all-year round, you will not require any authorization to do so, and the tax impact will be minimal or even null. The best will be to hire an account with the appropriate expertise. [See the Resources section]

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