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Rent your home - making the house pay for itself

An increasing number of foreign buyers come to realise that the cost of maintaining their French house is not unsubstantive, and that the property could actually pay for itself – though vacation rentals. It is quite possible that Airbnb is responsible for this new awareness. You could decide that this option makes sense for you too.

How much can we rent it for?

The revenue potential of your property will depend on a number of factors. Usually the same that apply to the purchase of a home (location, size, garden, etc.) and more specific elements:

• Multifamily potential: if the property can be rented to two families at the same time, it will rent for more and the marketing will be easy (as these properties are hard to find);

• Safety issues: if the swimming pool is clearly separated from the house, people will feel more at ease – even if the fence you have to put up is not so nice looking;

• Is the property photogenic? Vacationers make their decisions primarily based on pictures. If the house is better looking than the next it will more rent for more and more often. Of course, you can make your house pretty – and you should use a professional to take the pictures.

In the Uzège area:

• A nice looking 4-bedroom mas (c. 200 sq.m) with pool, enclosed garden less than 15 minutes from Uzès could rent for up to 2,500€ per week in July and August (less during the spring and autumn);

• A 1-bedroom flat in the old city with a balcony could rent for up to 1,000€ per week – but could be rented out during the winter too, when older visitors (not interested in swimming pools…) come and want to stay for a few months rather than a few weeks.

As the above price points are just estimates, and you would need to talk with specialists to assess the exact potential of your property. However, suffice it to say that on average you could be able to recoup the running costs of your property by renting it out a few weeks – should you decide to do it.

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