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Tips about working with listing agents

A few things to keep in mind if you decide to work on your own, with listing agents:

  1. Remember that by law the listing agent’s fees are included in the offered price - first confirm this, and the percentage involved (which is unregulated). There is always some room for negotiation in this area;

  2. Build in extra time to your schedule to give the agents a chance to get to grips with what you’re really looking for. Because only by showing you a few properties will an agent get to fully understand your needs;

  3. Be focused in your search - going to loads of agents is not the best approach. Work with those you feel comfortable with and can best meet your needs;

  4. Remember that no two houses are alike so be prepared to be flexible: thinking about what you are prepared to compromise on in advance will be helpful;

  5. Don’t expect to turn up on an agent’s doorstep and have them take you to 10 houses. Call or visit each agent first to arrange appointments;

  6. Don’t let listing agents bully you into visiting properties that are clearly off-brief. They will all have a few properties that they’re having difficulty selling - and may be keen to show you those first.

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