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Markets & truffles

Every Saturdays and Wednesdays in Uzès one can enjoy the smell of Provence at the farmers market where local producers offer stands of various products such as olive oil, local wines, goat cheeses, fresh organic poultries, sausages and meats from the Cévennes, herbs from Provence and olive oil.

Each winter, every Friday, Uzès welcomes a truffle market where producers and chefs meet to admire and buy the dark diamond. Uzès cuisine carries the flavor of its terroir products, the colors of Languedoc and a distinct Provencal accent, with the truffle as a base in winter, the asparagus in spring and the melon in summer. The olive (and its oil) nevertheless remains one of the mainstays of the meal, whether it’s the picholine or the colliasse named after the village near Uzès. The specialties: brouillade de truffes (truffle scramble), friand aux olives et pélardons (pastry with olives and pélardons), numerous dishes with an asparagus base. Nearby is the Côtes-du-Rhone wine region as well as the village of Tavel, famous for its renowned rosé wine.

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