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A consultant on your side

In contrast to listing agents, I represent you, the buyer. I am a consultant.


My overall aim is to get the best suitable deal for my clients, save them money and oversee all property matters, as well as offer recommended third parties, ranging from solicitors, architects to builders and interior designers.

People come to me principally because they have been looking for a while and are fed up, or because they know they dont have the time or knowledge to conduct their property search in Uzès well on their own.


As the first property finder in Uzès, I will do all the legwork for you, trawling estate agents, websites and auction houses in search of your dream home. My duties involve sourcing houses based on your specifications and negotiating a price with owners or estate agents. 

To find out more about the process and the organisation of a search, click here.

End-to-end assistance

My promise is to help you find the right property for you – from initial contact to “full enjoyment”. To fulfill that promise I will:

Assist in fine-tuning your search criteria – especially providing feedback about what is (or is not) doable;


Screen and previsit properties meeting your criteria – down to visit shortlist;

Organize subsequent visits – including any “travel-related” assistance;


Obtain all relevant information (survey, planning, etc.) about the properties that you will select;


Assist and manage on your behalf the negotiation process;


Help and assist during the subsequent legal/contract drafting process – in liaison with the notaire (note: I work with a French/British notaire if you feel more comfortable with an English-speaking lawyer);


Assist until the final purchase signing (“acte authentique”);


Assist after the sale – including all assistance to help you “take full ownership” of your property (utilities, local authorities, etc.) and work coordination (when appropriate) for any refurbishment project, for a period of up to 6 months after the purchase itself .



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